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Pattern formation in optical resonators

Parametric localized patterns and breathers in dispersive quadratic cavities

We study the formation of localized patterns arising in doubly resonant dispersive optical parametric oscillators. They form through the locking of fronts connecting a continuous-wave and a Turing pattern state. This type of localized state can be seen as a slug of the pattern embedded in a homogeneous surrounding. They are organized in terms of a homoclinic snaking bifurcation structure, which is preserved under the modification of the control parameters of the system. We show that, in the presence of phase mismatch, localized patterns can undergo oscillatory instabilities which make them breathe in a complex manner.


P. Parra-Rivas, C. Mas-Arabí, and F. Leo, Phys. Rev. A 101, 063817 (2020). DOI

Nonlinear interaction in nanowaveguides

Modeling of quasi-phase-matched cavity-enhanced second-harmonic generation

We propose a mean-field model to describe second-harmonic generation in a resonator made of a material with zinc-blende crystalline structure. The model is obtained through an averaging of the propagation equations and boundary conditions. It considers the phase-mismatched terms, which act as an effective Kerr effect. We analyze the impact of the different terms on the steady state solutions, highlighting the competition between nonlinearities.

C. Mas Arabí, P. Parra-Rivas, C. Ciret, S. P. Gorza, and F. Leo, Phys. Rev. A 101, 043818 (2020). DOI