Open positions

PhD in photonics and material science

The past 5 years have seen the emergence of several novel nanohotonics platforms dedicated to nonlinear optics.  To go beyond the compromises associated to those platforms, we are developing nonlinear overlays that can be interfaced to the most mature photonics platforms (Si and SiN). The project is therefore at the interface between nonlinear/quantum photonics and material science. This is reflected by the co-supervision from prof. Stephane Clemmen (Quantum information Laboratory - OPERA) and prof. Simone Napolitano (Laboratory of Polymer and Soft Matter Dynamics).  The development of this photonics platform is dedicated to applications in quantum photonics such as the generation of optical quantum states as well as their manipulation in the frequency degree of freedom.



Motivated researcher having a research project possibly fitting in our research activities are highly encouraged to contact us in view of an application for any of the following fellowships.

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