Junxiong Wei

Junxiong Wei received his master degree in Optics from South China Normal University (China) in 2014. During his master, he worked on the Mid-infrared optical parametric amplification technology and applications. During his PhD at ICFO-The Institute of Photonic Sciences (Spain), he conducted research on parametric devices, focusing on the optical frequency conversion techniques in novel nonlinear materials and deploy innovative design architectures to provide tunable radiation in new and difficult spectral regions from the UV to the mid-IR range.

Jun graduated in 2018 and joined us in early 2019 as a joint postdoctoral research fellow. Jun works on a couple of ERC Grants QuadraComb (François Leo) and ELECTRIC (Bart Kuyken), mostly focusing on the supercontinuum and optical frequency combs generation in quadratically nonlinear integrated structures.

Apart from the lab, Jun plays ping-pong, badminton, enjoys travelling, hiking, reading, and macro photography.

Jun has joined Wuhan Huaray Ultrafast Fiber Laser Technology  in 2020.